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The “Tales from the NCO Club” Project

Hello and welcome to the “Tales from the NCO Club” project page.

So, what is this? A few weeks back, I decided to dust off an old project that would be an anthology of veterans’ stories. The idea was to use it to raise money for the “Wounded Warriors” program.

Then it occurred to me I’m not the only one out there who knows vets, or spent time in the trenches. This is history at it’s best, the history we lived or someone we know lived through.

Part of the reason for doing this is my belief that it’s not just the famous who have made history. If you’re aware of this or not, each and everyone of us have impacted the world. We each have a story, and this is a chance to write it down and continue to change the world for someone.

So, here’s what we’re doing. If you have stories you wish to submit you can do so at talesfromncoclub@comcast.net.

Submission requirements: I’m looking for 25 to 30 stories. They can be from any branch of the service, and any war, home front or peacetime. they can be tragic, funny, all of the above. Stories need to be 2000-3000 words in length. We’re aiming for a PG-13 rating or a soft R at the least. Biggest requirement, the stories must be true. If you want to submit photos, send them as a .jpeg.

Family history stories are welcome with the caveat that you research them some to verify the events occurred. An example here is I had an ancestor that was supposed to have fought on the side of Confederacy during the civil war, but spent much of the war as a POW of the Union. I could never find a single thing about him in the POW rosters. Granted, they were a mess, but if you spent four years in the system, you’d think you’d pop up someplace. Turns out he did fight in the Civil War, but on the side of the Union (he was a Major and assigned to Quartermaster). Where did the story come from about his being a POW? I don’t know. the only thing I can figure is since he was from North Carolina, he started the story because he got tired of being beat up!

Someday, I might research that one and write about it.

All that to say that stories that have been handed down through the family, verify them and list your references.

Examples of the stories I’m contributing to the anthology include:

A word about payment. Sorry, there isn’t any. We’re doing this for charity and 100% of the profits will go to the Wounded Warrior Foundation. I’m working out the details on getting it to them and will make everyone aware how it was done and so on. You’ll receive full byline credit for your work, and you should make your submission with a brief autobiography, links to your website, and titles of books you’ve written.

I will edit the stories for content, readability, and etc, but I will always check with you to ensure I haven’t gutted the story. I hope to make those who contribute, a partner in the process.

I’m aiming for a Memorial Day, 2021 release date.

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