William R. Ablan, pen name of Richard L. Muniz

Police Adventures and Mysteries


This page contains Podcasts as heard on Our American Network, Interviews, and discussions from the Author.

You can listen to Our American network on over 500 radio stations across the country. To check them out. Here’s a link to their site: Our American Network.

We live through History – The author tells two stories, one of a soldier who won the Bronze Star in WW II, and the other about witnessing British soldiers in a minefield and being unable to do anything about it. Aired 29 Sep 20 – 10 minutes in length

The Atomic Marine – The Story of Sheriff Toby Madrid (then Pvt. Madrid) and the the A-Bomb tests at the Nevada Proving grounds. – Aired 12 Oct 20 – 8 Minutes in length.

The Wreck – Details the events of a tragic auto accident that changed my life forever – Aired 16 Oct 20 – 11.5 Minutes in length

An Army Moves On Its Stomach… And Lots of Coffee – How coffee has figured into military life, and how the ultimate cup of coffee ensured that the Captain of the Enterprise would never forget a certain sailor. Aired 21Oct 20 – 8 minutes in long

The MiG – The story told to me by the navigator of a WB-50 of encountering Soviet MiG’s over the North Pole during the 1950s. – Aired 27 Nov 20 – 10 minutes long

Willie Kennard: Colorado’s First Black Lawman. The town is Ruby Hill, Colorado and it needs saving from a Goliath of a man. Fortunately for the residents, David had just ridden into town. Aired 8 Jun21. 10 minutes long

The Tarnished Badge: Charlie Allison had a deputy sheriff badge in his pocket and a wanted poster with his name on it. it’s up to deputy Frank Hyatt of the Conejos County sheriff’s Office to bring him to justice.

Military Sacrifice

Military Video Clips and Combat footage from around the world.


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Vivo Mentor

Learn How to Use Business Mentoring Successfully

Pierre Joubert

This site is a hommage to Pierre Joubert, one of the greatest illustrators ever lived. He was born in Paris (june 27, 1910 and died in La Rochelle on January 13, 2002). On Wikipedia is suggested that (quote): ¨He had a controversial site. He has been tarred with collaboration with the Nazis during Worldwar II¨. Documents, however, have proved that this is not true. Intimi have confirmed that.

Living Family Trees

intersection of family life and ancestry

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Life or our view of it....

Purple Telescope

Watch The Outer Space Moon and Stars

Hark Around the Greats

Great Women, Great Stories

Varsity Experience

Sharing the Word of Faith

Planet Pailly

Where Science Meets Fiction

His Way

“Wait for the Lord and keep His way.” (Psalms 37:34 NASB)

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