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Last Stand of the Tin Can Sailors, by James D. Hornfischer:

Years ago, I heard of the Battle of Samar Bay. It was the ultimate David and Goliath fight.  A small group of US Navy ships, alone, outgunned, and all that stood between a massive Japanese battle fleet and US Marines on a beachhead in the invasion of the Philippines.  IT’s an amazing story, made even more so because every word of it is true.

I’d learned of this battle several years ago, and I remember talking to some friends about it at a break. One woman at out table stopped, looked at me with these big wide eyes and said, “My Father was aboard the U.S.S. Johnston.  He was there”.

All I could do is stand up, and salute her and say, “It’s a pleasure to render him honors through his daughter.”

A must read for anyone who follows WWII history.

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