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The character of Will Diaz in my novel “The Lawman” is based a lot of me.  Like Will, I took a degree in Astro-Physics, a career field where people don’t go to the help wanted section to get a job.  No, they go to the obits.  The year I got my degree, no one really was in the mood to lie down and die and make room for me.

So, when my favorite uncle started hinting around that it would be nice if I paid back my student loans.  I went looking for a job.  Fortunately, I was raised a cowboy, was physically tough, and didn’t scare easily.  So one of the many job applications I put in was for the Alamosa Police Department.  I tested, took the physical, and went away saying to myself that it would be cold day in you know where when I got hired.

Six months later, I was hired.  Someone teased me that the reason I got hired was that I would fit into the uniforms of the guy that was leaving.  I tend to suspect that was true.

All that say, that twenty years later, I hung up my badge and guns.  During that time, I’ve held almost every position out there in Law Enforcement to include undercover narcotics and criminal investigations.  I spent eight years in the U.S. Army as a Military Policeman  and served with the 1st Armored Division during the Gulf War.

I also spent almost 6 years working Emergency Management, and following that, I’ve been working in the Information Technology field.  I’m an expert (translation – Somebody who knows absolutely nothing about absolutely everything) in IT Operations, Security, Virtualization, and Cloud Technologies.

I’m often times asked to ride along with the City, County, and State officers.  I always politely decline.  I’m afraid if I ever did, I’d discover I miss it too much and want to go back.

And I’m way too old start doing that again.

I’ve been telling the stories of the cases I’ve worked for years, and some of the places I’ve been and done, and people have always said, “You should write a book, an autobiography!”

My answer always was, “no one would believe them.  And besides, Forrest Gump has already been written”.  One day I realized that if I took the cases stories, fictionalized them a bit, then it would work.

Either way, it’s been good writing them down.


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