Talk about something that would look great in a movie!

Robert Frohlich

In the military, discipline is essential. Following orders is one of the first things they teach formerly autonomous civilians during basic training. You quickly learn that any order, from any superior, must be obeyed immediately and exactly. A question like “But Sarge, I just thought…” is quickly followed by “Who told you that you could think, soldier!” You’re told when to wake, when to eat, how many pushups to do, when to fire your weapon and when to stop firing.

Hand grenade training follows the usual Army pattern: a lecture, complete with illustrations, about what a hand grenade is and what its purpose is. It’s a lethal weapon designed to blow up and wreak havoc on any human body close by. Demonstrations in how to use the device are conducted, followed by drills on the range.

Somewhere out in the backwoods of Fort Dix, New Jersey is the grenade range…

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