I’ve often written about great women I’ve met or in some cases had the honor to have worked with. Be they police, EMTs, Firefighters, or a wizened gray haired lady who flew B-24s into Pueblo, Colorado with an engine on fire, or a famous lady astronomer who found what fueled the stars.

Here’s one more to add to that collection.

This story is about a bunch of female Army Medics and it was told to me while I lay in a cot, sick at some nameless MASH unit.

Just a quick how I got there.

We were in Iraq. The Gulf War to all intents and purposes was over. I was sharing a tent with another NCO and he wakes me up in the middle of the night with a single question.

“Are you Okay?”

He said it sounded like I was drowning. I thought I was OK, then realized I was having trouble breathing. The next morning I was weak as a new born kitten and was running a temp. My squad leader told me to go see the medics.

I went and saw them, they checked me out, then said, “come back in half an hour. And leave your weapons with your platoon.”

That should have alarmed me. I was so sick, I didn’t care.

I came back a half hour later, was loaded onto a Blackhawk, and flown to the MASH. I don’t remember much about the flight. I slept.

When we landed, a medic led me into a large, gym sized room full of cots. Most of them were empty, and I remember thanking God for that.

A Doctor came out and examined me, and I was told to lie back and rest.

A few minutes latter, a female medic brings me out an inhaler and shows me how to use it.

I asked her how things were going back here at the MASH, and she tells me a story.

There were doctors from several different countries working there. One of them was a Saudi captain. He was the the only one they had a problem with and that was because he thought nothing about grabbing the ladies. Everyone of them had had him grab a handful of boob or butt or worse. It didn’t matter if they were an officer or enlisted. Pretty or plain. Tall or short. If they were a woman, they were in his sights.

When they told him to stop. He just laughed. Even male American officers told him to cut it out but he dismissed them. The ladies complained to their chain of command who in turn complained to his.

His behavior didn’t stop. If anything, it became worse. It was reaching the point where the women refused to work with him. That still didn’t stop it.

After several weeks of frustration which included trying to get him sent someplace else, their CO and First Sgt sat down with all the ladies and said, “Ladies. The US taxpayer has spent a lot of money teaching you to take care of yourselves. If he does it again, give the taxpayer some return for their money.”

Of course the big concern was would they get in trouble. After all, he was an officer in another military.

“The story we’ll give is a light went out, and nice guy that he is, he got a ladder and went to replace it. But he fell off the ladder. Besides, he’s a man who looks down on women and a creep to boot. Do you honestly think he’s going to admit a bunch of women beat the tar out of him.

“Defend yourselves. We’ll back you.”

They did so within a matter of hours. He grabbed one girl, and she spun around and showed him why she’d been the star player on her JV soccer team. The other ladies joined in, and after they worked him over and he was still lying on the ground with a bloody nose, an eye rapidly going black, bleeding teeth and multiple boot marks and grabbing what was left of his manly pride in pain, they informed him if it happened again, he could expect a similar beating.

Later, he even admitted that he fell off a ladder.

They never had another problem with him, and the girls had him whipped gentle.

To bad all sexual harassments can’t be handled so simply.