Something I’ve never actually talked about in any of the books is how Will Diaz met Jewell.

I’ve always kind of danced around it. The novels jump into their relationship right in the middle. Well, If you read the books we learn that Will and Jewell have teenage daughters and a teenage son. But if you do the math, Will and Jewell haven’t been married long enough for that to have happened.

This also isn’t their first marriage. Both were married before and, as Will puts it, “We became Waverly’s version of the Brady Bunch.”

With that, the untold story.

Will’s meeting of Jewell is of course based in real life and if you were to ask them, it wasn’t by accident.

Indeed, Will would say they were “introduced by two people who absolutely belonged together, my ex-wife and Saddam Hussein.” It’s very true. Without these two individuals, neither Will or Jewell would have met.

Will returned from the Gulf War to find himself a single parent, and in the course of working the custody issues that his soon to be ex-wife started, he got himself a lawyer.

He walked in for his first appointment and sitting behind the para-legal desk is the most beautiful woman he ever saw. He’ll later say that for several seconds he actually forgot to breath.

Will had spoken with her before. The first time was while he was standing in a washed out phone tent someplace in Iraq. When she first answered, and he replied, it took several seconds for his reply to reach her, and so on. The reason for that was the phone system was going through the orbiting satellites. The speed of light is finite after all, and it takes time for the signal to crawl up to the Communications Satellite in Geo Sync orbit, possibly bounce to a different satellite, and then come back down to earth and go through everything it needs to go through.

When he hung up the phone he had the feeling something important had just happened, but didn’t know what.

When Will came in for his appointment, he walked through the door and saw her, and did something charming but incredibly juvenile. He took her hand, kissed it, and said, “Ah, the face behind the voice.”

Not exactly Mr. Suave here.

Jewell had spoken with a friend and had told her about talking with him. “He has a nice voice,” she said, “but is probably short like most of the men from the Valley.”

When she turned to look at Will as he came through the door, she’s looked at his stomach. Her eyes went up and up, and when he said who he was her first thoughts were, “He’s tall!”

Now what really clinched it for Will was when they went for coffee. They met at a coffee shop in Monte Vista, Colorado. There’s several street lights in front, and as they’re leaving, Jewell grabs hold of one of the poles and started going around it like a child might.

At that moment, Detective Will Diaz was a goner.

One day, maybe in a future novel, I’ll tell that story.