As some of you might know, that in addition to my many other tasks, obligations, and talents, I also run the security detail for my church. We recently began having services again, but in an outdoor setting.

Pastor and the elder board laid down the requirement that all staff members and volunteers will wear a mask. The only exceptions are the Praise and Worship team and whoever is doing the preaching whenever they’re on stage. The minute they step off the stage, the mask goes on.

I’m walking about before service, looking friendly, nodding to people, giving them the elbow bump (I rather prefer the NASA Star Trek Greeting, but not all people can make the Vulcan gesture), and going about my duties. Social distancing is being observed, and everyone is in good spirits.

A hear a man call my name, and turning I see an older gentlemen asking me what the deal was with the mask. Didn’t I have faith that God would protect me from Covid?

Now, I’ve been around a little and I know when someone is running me down instead of kidding me. So, I decided to let him have it.

I answered, of course I do. The same way he got me out of a few minefields in Iraq. He taught me to be careful, to deal with the problem, and not do anything silly like just run out of it. Maybe I’d have been OK. Then again, something might have gone bang.

Whenever you’re in a minefield, you don’t get stupid in it.

“I understand that, but didn’t God promise that no weapon forged against us would prosper? With that promise, you’re safe.”

I had to smile. “True, but what you just said sounds a little like what Satan told Jesus when he tempted him by taking him to the top of the temple and telling him to jump. After all, didn’t God promise that that his angels would ensure he didn’t come to harm.” (I was paraphrasing of course.)

I could see I’d put steel on target, but I fired for effect. “You remember what the answer was Jesus gave the Devil?”

He frowned, and said, “Maybe I should go get a mask.”

Yeah, maybe you should.