Funny things happen when you go to arrest someone.

Not funny strange, but funny ha-ha.

So was the case I’m about to relate to you. Thank God it didn’t involve me, JR, or any of my boys and girls.

But it did happen to an officer I knew (no names please).

We had a guy in town, and to be honest, I don’t recall his full name. Nice enough guy, he just got stupid out of season on occasion. We called him Tony the Tiger, and if you had to arrest him, you had to be careful on how you approached him. I mean if you went with respect, and treated him well he’d practically put the cuffs on himself for you.

Otherwise, he could be a handful.

This one officer had to go out and pick up Tony on a simple “Failure to Appear” warrant. Tony had been drinking, and the officer came off as a badass. Between the alcohol and the treatment, Tony’s fuse got lit.

And they get into a little scuffle.

Now, I’d known this officer for years. He and I had been through scenes where there were buckets of blood everywhere and he had never so much as flinched. But let one drop of that blood be his, and he’d pass out cold.

The sequel in Cross and the Badge

And that’s what happened. While scuffling, he gets a scratch which starts to well up blood. He sees the blood, and you guessed it. In the worst possible place, he passes out.

Thank God it was Tony this happened in front of. Anyone else would have run, probably after grabbing the officer’s weapon. Some people might have given him two whacks to the back of the head just because he was a cop.

But not Tony. He freaks.

Despite being a bit of a screw-up, Tony was a good person at heart. He drags the officer out his house (no mean feat. The officer was a really big guy, and Tony weighed maybe 130 lbs dripping wet), and puts him in the patrol car.

Tony then drives the patrol car with the passed out cold officer in the back to the Sheriff’s Office. He goes in and surrenders himself because he’d “killed a police officer.”

A little smelling salts brought the dead officer back to life quickly enough.

Tony was so overjoyed he hadn’t killed anyone, he cried.

I’m pretty sure Tony walked the straight and narrow after that.