I think it was Michelangelo that said, “Great works of art are never finished. they’re simply abandoned.” far be it from me to dispute the man, but I might add,  ” . . .Until you find stupid mistake.”

With that in mind, the second installment of the Lawman Trilogy is coming out,  march 27th on Amazon.

This one is can almost be called a buddy adventure, and find Will and RJ pursuing a rapist. It also starts wetting the stage a little more the last book in the first trilogy, and for what I call the “Family Secrets” trilogy.

While I like a good whodunit as well as the next guy, this one reflects “Real” police work. That means you keep pursuing something until you find yourself asking the right questions to get the correct answers. Police work is rarely leaps of logic that would leave Spock dazzled. It’s pursing the evidence and leads wherever they might go.

In the meantime, here’s the cover. It shows Will’s weapon of choice, a 1911 .45 Caliber Semi-Auto. And sorry, it’s not a Colt. The kind I envision Will carrying is a little more than I can afford. So this is my choice for a sidearm.