A project I announced sometime back will be receiving a release date of 11 November 2020. In this case, I’m talking about Tales From the NCO Club.

Ever since I read Trails Plowed Under by Charles Russell, I’ve wanted to do something like it, but from a military slant. I’d have a bunch of old friends sitting around the table in an NCO club, drinking beer and swapping stories that happened to them or someone else.

In this case, however, these stories are stories handed to me by others. Some of it is the end result of a lot of research weaved together with a story told me by the individual it happened to. Some of it happened in wartime, some in peacetime. Some is heartbreaking, others hysterical.

So, since I foresee this book selling like gangbusters (Hey, speak the things that aren’t as if they were), I’m planning on donating 75% of the profits to the Wounded Warriors Foundation and that will assist them in continuing the good work they do.

Once the book is out, I’ll be establishing a page to show the number of books sold, and contributions made.