At the risk of sounding sexist, I going to toss something I believe one hundred percent. Behind every great man, there stands a woman. That can be taken a lot of ways, but on their own, I don’t feel guys are all that terribly motivated. Left up to the guys, I’m pretty sure humanity would still be cold, naked, in the dark, and in the caves.

There’s some backing for this. If we look in the Bible, we learn in the book of Genesis that God created man. He then makes the comment that it’s not good for the man to be alone, and so he created woman. Beyond the obvious reason of why he brought Eve into the picture, I’ve had to ask why? The only thing I come up with is that Adam wasn’t all that terribly motivated, and needed someone to inspire him.

A woman is good inspiration for a man. She can make him. She can break him. A woman is at once his muse, his biggest cheerleader, his confident, adviser, and motivator.

So it is with Will Diaz. In the first book, The Cross and the Badge, it becomes obvious he’s a bit of a mess. Twenty years of law enforcement, the Gulf War, and life in general has worn him down. His confidence is shaken and he doesn’t know what to do next.

Enter Jewell. One of the best descriptions we get of her is towards the end of Against Flesh and Blood. Will comments that she could give Linda Carter (the first Wonder Woman), a run for her money in the looks department. We also see that she rides a horse and knows how to work as hard as any man. She’s also a superb organizer, a counselor, and a believing woman.

She’s also courageous. In the first couple of books, she’s in harms way only once. In subsequent books, she helps Will pick up the reins of the Sheriff’s Office, serves as a decoy, and is involved in a couple of gunfights. She’s also there to help him come back from a devastating injury.

She does this because she saw in Will his intelligence and his goodness. She couldn’t understand why he settled for second best, and she encouraged him to push as far as he could. One of the biggest compliments Will gives her, in one novel, is telling her that if he’d been married to her when he was in the Army, he’d be a twenty-four star general by now.

She is the wind that supports him through life. It’s safe to say she had a huge hand in Will’s confronting his demons and becoming a force to reckon with.

In coming novels, her strength will be put to the test. She’s there to help him recover from his injury, she’s kidnapped, and transforms her kidnapper. She picks up a weapon, and is one of three who rescue Will and his team.

One of the early things we see her doing is to help Will pick up the reins of power. While Will is a first rate cop and tactician, he has a lot to learn on the business side of things. to him, Law Enforcement has always been jump in patrol car and get the job done. As Sheriff, he’s going to find that he has to worry about nickels, dimes, and pennies, as well as personal actions and such. Jewell helps him put that together. Her capacity for organization makes her a natural for that.

Unfortunately, that also makes her a bit of a neat freak. Organization is king with her, and that drives Will crazy. His file system is a stack for everything and everything in it’s stack. She uses the file cabinet (after all, that’s what it’s made for). Of course Will can’t find it then, and if he does, she can’t find it afterwards.

So, they do have a few small issues that get on each other’s nerves.

Jewell Diaz is a strong woman, one who can take on the world and win it.