In the fourth book in the Lawman series, On a Pale Horse, Will Diaz finally meets one of the faces of his enemies. We’ve hinted at this person’s existence throughout the series, but it isn’t until Book Four we actually find out she exists.

In Book One, someone blows the windows out of his duty car (while he’s driving it), and leaves behind only the rifle, wiped clean and untraceable, and the two bullet casings (also wiped clean). In Book Three, a local dope pusher tells them about a highly attractive girl who everyone says was the trigger puller. He helps Will put together a composite sketch of her.

The working theory Will and his friends in the FBI put together is that she’s ex-KGB. With the fall of the Soviet Union in the ’90s, a number of agents were “retired.” Trouble was, they didn’t care to be retired and went looking for work. Many of them had some very marketable skills, and she’s one of them. Problem is, they can’t even prove she really exists.

In Book Four, they capture her and hold her for all of a matter of minutes. She’s been shot once in the leg, and twice in the torso. Only body armor kept her from being killed. When they realize it’s her, Will addresses her in Russian. She tells them they should speak in English because his Russian sucks.

But Will and RJ aren’t in very good shape themselves. RJ needs stitches and has been banged up some and Will is suffering from a brain injury. It’s left to another officer to watch her. She’s transported to the hospital for treatment, slips her cuffs, and kills the officer. She then escapes leaving mayhem in her wake.

Who exactly she is and how she’s involved in the mess Will finds himself in will remain a mystery for some time.