For the last several weeks, I’ve been busy digitizing pictures taken during my deployment to Iraq during the Gulf War. I did this for a couple of reasons. One, to start putting our story down into words. The other, to help preserve the pictures. I’ve noticed that many have started to fade, and some have an odd pink tint in areas. I believe this was caused by chemicals in the glue that I used to glue them into the photo albums. It must have seeped through and dyed them just a little.

The 6th Platoon Regulators pose next to a disabled Iraqi tank. The road is roughly the border between Iraq and Kuwait. I’m on the extreme right without my helmet on and wearing sunglasses.

The other is I look at some of the faces in the pictures, I know these people, but can’t recall their names now. I wanted to put it all down before I forget even more.

And last but not least, because while history is names and dates, it’s also about people. It’s about the girl who marched in protest against the ‘Nam war yet turned around and married the boy next door who fought over there. It’s about the pioneer and his wife who scratched out a living in Kansas. It’s about the family from Lebanon who came to the new world, not able to speak the language, had third grade educations, yet died millionaires.

History isn’t just dates and names. IT’S OUR DATES AND NAMES!  It’s what people you know did and walked through. History is happening every second of every day around us, and not all of it is on the news.

So, the story of our trip to Iraq is pretty much a done deal. There will be changes in the future. I’m still cleaning it up. I know there’s misspells and odd sentences here and there, not to mention my love affair with the comma. I will also add other pictures that I find from time to time.