I just finished reading An Unfinished Life by Mark Spragg.

I hate this book!

Say what? You hated it?

I hate it because I didn’t write it!

The story is simply amazing, and it’s full of people we all encounter in our day to day lives. We have Jean Gilkyson and her daughter Griff, tossed into a world they didn’t make all because of a car accident that killed her husband. Toss her father-in-law Einar into the mix.  He blames her for the death of his son.

The story shows the consequences of what happened from that incident. Jean finds herself going from one abusive boyfriend to another, and seemingly blaming herself for what happened.  She’s become a woman whose self worth is defined by being beaten.

Einar has become a drunk, and only the mauling of his best friend Mitch by a bear sobered him up.

With nowhere else to turn, Jean and her daughter end up on Einar’s ranch.  He’s not exactly rolling out the red carpet for either of them.

But tossed together, and with Mitch’s help, they end up working through their respective traumas. They find peace, closure, family, and more importantly, forgiveness for the many pains that separate people from those they love.

It’s one of those books that has become one of my favs, and will be pulled from the shelf often through the years to come to read again and enjoy.