Not entirely true, but I was nosing through the obits a while back and came across the obit of a deputy I’d worked with. A little further, and there’s another.

Then I find out that classmates I graduated with are dead.

I looked at the obits and went, how can that be? They’re all so young!

And then it dawned on me. They got old too. Most of my classmates I haven’t seen in years. Who they were and what they looked like are frozen in time in my memory. Most of them are still eighteen years old in there.

The young deputies I knew? They’re also frozen in time, along with the faces of the MPs I served with. How many of those guys and gals are still alive?

So what happened?

Time went on, that’s what happened. While I was roaming the world, or working in IT and getting older, they aged also. They had families, got older, and eventually died.

I’m left wondering how the hell I outlived them. I was the one people were trying to kill, and yet here I am. I’ve been involved in accidents that should have killed me, but didn’t. Looking at everything, I should have joined the ghosts a dozen times over.

I’ve a few scars to show for it, a box full of medals, and some awesome stories, but still very much alive, still tall and strong.

I don’t know why I’m still here, but I thank God I am.