I probably like movies as much as I like reading books. So, take a movie I like, turn it into a novel, and it’s great. First, let me be clear, I’m not talking about movies made from an existing book such as One flew Over the Cuckoos Nest, or Jaws, or even one of my personal favs, 2001: A Space Odyssey.

What I’m talking about is the movie came before the book. One of my favorite movies is a little film called The War Room. Now if you seen the movie, you know it’s a movie about the power of prayer and how it applies to our lives. Always a good thing to see.  but while I enjoyed the movie, I enjoyed the book more, and here’s why.

In a movie, you never really get into the actor or actress’s head. They’re interpreting for you what the character would do or such. In the book, you get to look into their thought process and see the change happening in their heads.

Also, you get to mull over things in the book easier. In the book, there’s a reference to Philippians, Chapter 2. There is a reference in the movie, but it’s easy to miss. With a novelization, you can slam on the brakes, go back and reread it, go look up something, and understand better what’s being said. In my case, I read it, pulled out my Bible, reread it, and then read a couple of commentaries on it. It put a whole new twist to it.

So that’s one nice thing about having a movie tie in. You get to get in the heads of your characters. And you get to take deep dives.