I’ve talked at length about Will Diaz, the central character in my Lawman Series.  I’ve talked about the Regulators, who form most of the cops found in the stories (there’s a few I haven’t mentioned yet). But I haven’t talked about the civilians. Almost all these folks are up to their eyebrows in what goes on. They’re just not cops.

Jewell Diaz – Will’s wife. Jewell is every bit as tough as her husband. She can ride a horse, shoot a gun, and is no slouch in the unarmed self defense department. Will describes her as being able to give Linda Carter a run for her money in the looks department.

She’s one of these rare people who can talk to someone, spend two minutes with them, and walk away with the person’s life story, counseled them, and prayed with them before the encounter is over. She’s the counselor of the group. She works as a Christian Counselor, and often times finds herself dealing with the psychological trauma Will and his team experience. She’s also a serious prayer warrior.

Since Will doesn’t make that much money as a small county detective, she helps supplement their income by playing keyboards in a Country/rock band called The Boys Plus One.

Pastor Robert Morgan – Pastor Morgan has known Will since the first grade. They were often at odds as youngsters, but somewhere along the way became good friends. Both were sons of ranchers, and have ridden rodeo, though Morgan is the superior rider. Pastor Morgan was a SEAL Team Medic, and while in the Navy, picked up a Master’s Degree in Psychology, and became an ordained minister. He’s often time counseling Will, helping him overcome the pain and ghosts of the past.

He makes a comment to Will that he’d strap on a six gun and marshal alongside him any day. In later novels we see him do exactly that.

Married to his wife Carol, he has several children. He also runs his father’s ranch.

Carol Morgan – Married to Pastor Morgan, she’s also at home on the back of a horse. Mother of three, she and Robert were high school sweethearts. They married while he was in the Navy and was the one instrumental in pushing him to become something more than a rodeo rider.

George McCaffery – George is also a long time rancher, but ranching isn’t his only business. Along with his buddy Everett, they own and operate a couple of saloons.  George comes from a military background, having served in World War 2 with Patton’s 3rd Army. He has a picture where General Patton is presenting him with the Silver Star. According to George, the award was given to him for wanting to go home.

George is wealthy, and he bankrolls Will’s Special Reaction Team, and RJ’s narcotics operations.

Veronica McCaffery – George’s wife, she helps him run his spread and saloons. Most definitely a force to be contended with.

Anna DeShong – Andy’s wife, and copilot whenever they fly somewhere. A member of the Civil Air Patrol and the Routt County Search and Rescue, she’s not only an accomplished flyer, but  mountain climber, skier, and EMT. They met while both were in the Air Force.

Zorro – Unlike the swashbuckling hero played so well by Guy Williams and Antonio Banderas, this Zorro is a joke. He got the nickname as a child and it stuck. Graduated valedictorian, his future looked bright. However, he was drafted, sent to ‘Nam and too many explosions and too much dope reduced him to a mental case. He tends to go from speaking almost like a college prof to almost inarticulate Spanish in seconds. Most people are a little frightened of him, and some cops would like to drop him off the face of the earth. Surprisingly, he get’s along very well with RJ and Will to the point that if he needs arresting, he’ll ask that they be the ones who arrest him. While not exactly a hero, he’s more a victim of events and will be forced to overcome all of them to be the hero we wanted to be.

Daniel Pompii – The District Attorney. Brilliant as all get out, but has a rather odd lifestyle. He needs only an hour to an hour and half’s worth of sleep a day. This led to his divorce because, while his wife was desperately trying to stitch together eight hours of sleep, he and his kids were up watching movies, playing games, gardening, and generally living while the world was sleeping. She didn’t even consider asking for custody.

Bruce Livingston – The Public Defender. Despite being cast as an adversary role to Will, he’s often times a first rate ally. Many times he’ll work with Will and Daniel to reduce a sentence in exchange for information, or in one case, to help ensure repairs were done by some kids who vandalized some property. A graduate of University of Denver, he’s inexperienced, but smart. But he’s learning fast.

There’s of course a cast of civilians that float in and out, ranging from County Commissioners to waiters and every walk in between. The above will pretty much be set in stone, and we’ll see them again and again.