With the rewrite of The Cross and the Badge almost completed, I’m getting back to work on the sequel titled “Dead Friends.”  A lot of the material has already been written, and now it’s just a matter of sharpening it, cleaning it up, and working into a final novel form.

It takes us into the world of Undercover Narcotics, raids, and the psychological ramifications of injuries sustained in the line of duty.  It concludes with an Old West style manhunt.

The picture above is the one very similar to what I’ll have for the cover. One of the biggest differences will be the rifle. In the book, Will and Jonesy are using some modified Mosin-Nagant rifles, one of the best bolt action rifles ever made. I own a Mosin, and I’ve engaged targets with it at up to 800 meters (so it’s a nice, far shooting rifle). I’ve made some extensive modifications.  I’m using a Dragunov stock, a muzzle suppressor, new trigger, and a bent rather than straight bolt. That will be the rifle on the cover.

The caption on the cover will read “Sometimes the objective of a manhunt is to bring a friend to justice.”

Aiming for a late September, early October release.