One thing I love about Amazon is once you’ve written the book, if you don’t like something, catch a mistake, or such, it’s an easy fix.

Well, as the title suggests, I’m days away uploading a new version of the book. Overall, it stays the same, and covers Will Diaz’s first year back in civilian law enforcement following the Gulf War.

Among the things I tried to accomplish was to use what’s called “the economy of words.” What does that mean? Well, it’s this simple. Why use three words when one will do. I’ve also cut back on the use of words that end in “ly.” The end result is that I’ve cut out almost ten thousand words, and some twenty plus pages (and I still have four chapters to go).

I’ve also cleaned up a lot of simple grammar errors.

One of the big changes is how the characters talk. In reading through it, I noticed that almost everyone talks like a college graduate, and I shouldn’t be seeing that.

For example, Will speaks very little Spanish. He may have a Hispanic last name, but he just wasn’t raised around the language. There may also be some psychological issues there because while he claims to have a hard time learning other languages, he’s fluent in German and knows enough Russian that he could find his way around Moscow with only a few issues. He does attempt to converse with RJ in Spanish (at least the pleasantries), but often times uses the wrong word.

RJ is fluent in Spanish (better be, he’s an out of work Spanish High School teacher ) and often acts as an interpreter. He tries to teach Spanish to Will who’s probably his worst student. RJ was raised around the language, and sometimes tosses a Spanish phrase into a sentence. Interestingly, Will has no issues with understanding it when that happens. He’s also well educated and moves easily among the different educational levels of the people he encounters.

I’ve also tried to pay attention to how some people use words. The Sheriff and Bob are both older than Will, and might tend to use some words that are a little out of date (such as “Hippie” to describe someone with long hair).

With luck, I’ll have it finished and uploaded by Sunday evening. Let’s see if that happens.