While I’m going through and cleaning up my first novel, I’ve decided to give it a better cover.  Let’s be honest about it. Right now the cover is about as exciting as a soap bubble in a bathtub.  

And covers sell books.

So, it’s going to get a major facelift.  First, I want to focus a little on the character.  Will
Diaz dresses like something that blew out of the old west.  Jeans, boots, white shirt, and a black vest. It’s not that he fancies himself a gunfighter..  He just isn’t the world’s sharpest dresser, knows it, and so dresses like a character in a graphic comic he likes.   He wears almost the same thing every day, no matter what he’s doing, often times to his wife’s distress, and the amusement of his friends..  He has his badge, and a Colt 1911 on his belt (about the only thing that’s modern about the way he dresses), a cuff case with handcuffs, and two extra magazines for his pistol.  Depending on the weather and his mood, he may or may not wear a cowboy hat. Jewell is doing her best to change the way he dresses, but let’s say her attempts are being met with resistance.

I want to put him on the cover, but never want his face shown.  So it will either be with his face in shadow, a silhouette, or a back shot.  I’m also going to put a map of the county in there, and possibly a patch. I do want to keep some elements from the current cover, and may put them into the new but you’ll have to look for them.

Any feedback on the idea would be appreciated.