We’d impounded a car once.  We’d arrest the guy on a Sexual Assault warrant.  He’d raped a girl at gun point.  After some good old fashioned police work, we caught him.  Part of our actions after the arrest was to process his car.  We had a search warrant for the it, and were searching the car mostly for hair and fibers that would place our victim in the car.  Incidental to this, we’d also developed evidence that he was pushing weed, coke, and acid and so the warrant also covered that.  A common place to hide things is between or under seats.  I always looked before I ever ran my hands through a place I couldn’t see into very well.  My tools of choice here were a small dental or mechanics mirror.  I’d use that, shine my flashlight up under these hard to see places, and and in this case, sure enough, this guy had a bit of  mean streak.  He’d but a couple of razor blades in an area where if a police officer wasn’t looking, they’d end up slicing their fingers open.

I discuss that briefly in The Lawman when RJ and Will are processing a suspects car.

Needless to say, had we not looked and sliced our fingers.  I’m sure we could probably have made a good case of assault out of it, but all the same, I’d rather not end up needing stitches.