Even though I lived through the majority of the events I talk about in my soon to be published novel, “The Lawman”, there’s a huge amount of research I still ended up doing for the story.

Want an example.  In one of the chapters, I recount an incident that happens.  The true part of the incident (much of this is based on cases that if I wasn’t in charge of, then certainly had a piece of it) is that in the middle of a dance, with a hundred plus people about, a man stood up, drew a gun, and shot and killed his wife.

In the book, my main character’s wife, Jewell, is part of country band called “The Boys plus One”.  They’re playing at the bar where this incident happens.  In the real world, my wife’s band used to cover a lot of Garth Brooks.  Since this group is based somewhat on that, I had to stop and find out when “I’ve got friends in low places” actually came out.

Other pieces of research was rather interesting.  I’d always been told by my Patrol Sargent’s when I was a rookie officer that a 12 GA slug would shatter an engine block.  Question became, would it?  Fortunately, there’s a great site out there that has all kinds of crazy things on it, to include that little experiment.  You can check it out here at Box O’ Truth http://www.theboxotruth.com/the-box-o-truth-54-busting-an-engine-block/.

So writing a book, even if is somewhat based on your life requires more than a little homework.

What’s going to be really fun is when I start writing the “prequel” to “The Lawman”.  It’s called “Echoes”, and takes place during the Gulf War.  A lot of the places that happens are grids on a map.  So, that promises to lots of fun.

More later.